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Murray County Schools literacy program is grounded in the structure of a balanced literacy framework.  The literacy framework functions as a literacy "house" for how reading is taught across all elementary school classrooms.  Each segment of the framework articulates the required components for reading classrooms, targets instructional segments aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence, allows teachers the opportunity to provide whole group, small group, and individiual instruction on a daily basis, and sets aside an additional allotment of time for teachers to work with students on areas of need.  


Please know that you, as the teacher, have the ablity to determine appropriate instruction and appropriate resources to best meet the needs of your students.  The framework sets minimum number of minutes, required segments, and lists appropriate resources that are offered as instructional resources.  Also, each segment is aligned to best assessment practices; some segments are summative grading and some for formative and diagnostic assessment.  Not all segments are intended for formal grading practices and weekly grades are not mandatory to effectively evaluating the performance of your students.  


Finally, it is intended for reading/literacy instruction to occur on a daily basis for all students.  Testing should not be reserved for one day a week, assessment should occur when needed and as often as necessary.  Teach daily and assess minimally.  


Murray County Schools  Literacy Mission Statement and Beliefs


The most valuable asset in the classroom is not a scripted program or packaged curriculum; the most valuable  asset is the professional educator. Programs are resources, but the professional educator measures and mixes the instructional ingredients together in such a way that the magic happens daily for students ensuring literacy for all.

 Murray County Schools prioritizes literacy instruction to ensure that all students:


- engage in reading and writing activities daily.


-have opportunities to listen to an adult read aloud.


-are provided opportunities to engage with text that is on students’ independent level, instructional level, and interest level to build literacy competencies and develop a love for reading.


-are provided with appropriate instructional support to meet the needs of the individual reader.


-receive a strong literacy foundation in grades K-3 and engage in integrated literacy practices across all content areas.


-are provided literacy-rich environments which include opportunities to engage in robust conversations related to text to build comprehension and vocabulary skills.









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