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Murray County has provided you with district pacing guides for grades K-5.  These guidance documents are intended to ensure that all students are learning the same thing during the same period of time across the entire district.    

These pacing guides will remain the same for the 2018-2019 school year, edits and revisions will be made as the year progresses.  Updates will be posted and you will be notified of changes.  


pacing guide is sometimes referred to as a curriculum map, scope and sequence, standards schedule, instructional calendar, or road map. It is specific to a particular content area and level  and details when particular content standards should be taught and/or assessed.


How can a Pacing Guide help me improve student learning?

Pacing Guides can be helpful to help plan the year in order to cover the necessary material. The guides help coordinate teaching efforts district-wide. Pacing Guides are tools to help concentrate time, effort, and resources to maximize student learning.

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